Kangen - Dewa 19 Cover By @mattbenguraja with Gitar Mandalika RE-300

Link Produk: https://www.mandalikamusic.com/produc...

Special thank to our singer and guitar @mattbenguraja this video tagged by @hizkiachristie

Jangan lupa dengarkan versi aslinya juga..


Gitar Mandalika Revamped Series RE-300
-SOLID WOOD MAHOGANY for Body and Neck
-TOP BODY with Spruce Wood
-NEXC BODY CONSTRUCTIONS (Google it if you dont understand)
-ROSEWOOD for the Bridge and Fingerboard
-Featured SIRE Imported From Korea Dryer/Tuning Machine
-Trussrod, Available-2 Ply-Ivory Bindings
-Screened Gold Logo
-Fishman Presys+ Equalizer with Tuner Build-In 4Band

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